20x Packs of $5 lucky dips – Client thank you gifts, Party Favours or Fund Raising

$100.00 $95.00

These are our very popular lucky dips! You will receive 20x Packs of $5 lucky dips. You will get receive packs with double ups.

These are great for Massage therapists, Reiki healers or therapists to give to clients as a thank you. You can open them up and choose which on you think is best for each client, or change the sticker on them to your company logo or a plain colour.

They can also be used at children’s Birthday parties as party favours or fund raising events for your local school or sports club.

The first photo shows examples of the lucky dips. The other photos show examples of what can be in the bags.

Each bag contains one to nine crystals in them depending on their size.

We will use Reiki to choose the bags for you.